Brian David Hardin

Video Production

I have shot and edited Feature Films, Documentaries, Lectures, Concerts, TV Pitches, Music Videos, Live Music and Interviews. More Information

Music Production

I’ve recorded over 350 albums in Nashville, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami and Los Angeles.
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Why I Like Creating

I have a passion for the entire creative process and a balanced approach in combining the technical and creative sides of a production. Find out more …

Dream Into Reality

My goal is to help you birth your creation from your heart and intuition. I will support clarifying your vision and delivering it on time. Find out more …

30 Things About Brian

1) Addicted to creativity… I am always making something, studying something, or playing something.  I believe that “imagination is more important that knowledge”… I try to “play” more then I “think”… I follow my intuition… my heart… turn off the judgment… including judging myself.

2) Fearless optimist… I believe that all “problems” exist in order to teach us lessons and to help us to learn and grow.  I believe that every crisis is really just an opportunity for growth.  I believe that a true “Angel” shows up as the “Devil” and a true “Devil” shows up as an “Angel”. Duality is complex. Reality and “truth” can be simple. “We are all just here to grow and learn, and share and care, and give and receive.  Give Love, Get Love! Laugh More, Worry Less, and Love All, with Gratitude!”

3) I collect “QUOTES”… I love inspirational quotes… my first was from Abraham Lincoln, “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  I love when a quote can teach you in 5 seconds, what an entire book attempts to teach.  I like to dramatically “OVER PUNCTUATE”!!!

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About Brian D. Hardin

I have a passion for the entire creative process and a balanced approach in combining the technical and creative sides of a production.  I have a wide range of skills and have no problem settling into my role to contribute towards a successful production. My “gift” is to enhance the “feeling” within the creation both in film and music.  I was born and raised outside of Washington DC. I began my music career in Nashville at many legendary recording studios including Emerald, Sound Stage, Masterfonics, Sixteenth Avenue Sound and the Castle Recording Studios. I developed my craft of producing, recording and mixing by working alongside some of the best and brightest producers, engineers and artists in the business.

Over 19 years in Nashville, I worked on several thousand songs and over 100 gold records in styles of Rock, Pop, Reggae, Soul, R&B, Rap, Country and Blues including artist such as Steve Winwood, Indigo Girls, Ziggy Marley, Guns N’ Roses, Jewel, Willie Nelson, Quincy Jones, Sex Pistols, Haim, Orianthi, Lynard Skynard,  Michael McDonald, Donna Summers, Anthem, Jack Black, Outkast and George Strait.

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