1) I am addicted to thought and addicted to creativity… I am always making something, studying something, or playing something.  I believe that “imagination is more important that knowledge”… I try to “play” more then I “think”… I follow my intuition… my heart… turn off the judgment… including judging myself.

2) I’m a fearless optimist… I believe that all “problems” exist in order to teach us lessons and to help us to learn and grow.  I believe that every crisis is really just an opportunity for growth.  I believe that a true “Angel” shows up as the “Devil” and a true “Devil” shows up as an “Angel”. Duality is complex. Reality and “truth” can be simple. “We are all just here to grow and learn, and share and care, and give and receive.  Give Love, Get Love! Laugh More ,Worry Less, and Love All, with Gratitude!”

3) Starting in 3rd grade, I collected “QUOTES”… I love inspirational quotes… my first was from Abraham Lincoln, “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  I love when a quote can teach you in 5 seconds, what an entire book attempts to teach.  I like to dramatically “OVER PUNCTUATE”!!!

4) I died and “came back” at the age of 16… they now call it a “Near Death Experience”… football accident… ruptured spleen… internally bleeding for 7  hours… died on the operating table… “I saw the light”, I got to review my life as I headed “towards the light”… what I saw was all of the problems, victories, crisis, joyous and bad times… every event that I was to “learn and grow from”… when I got to “the light”, there wasn’t a bearded white guy named “GOD” or anyone else in physical form… only the “feeling” of God and love… it was beautiful, peaceful, calming… a familiar “home”… I was bathed in love, security and had a deep connection to ALL… I accessed all knowledge, all wisdom, all of history and the future… then I was asked the question, “Have you fulfilled your life’s purpose?”… my answer… “NO, I’m a virgin, put me back!”… instantly I re-entered the tunnel and got to review my life “lessons” again… a few moments later, I woke in the recovery room… a guy came up to me and I said, “are you an angel?”… his reply was “No, I’m your nurse, have some water and go back to sleep!”  This event taught me that we are all “Energy Beings”, here to love, spread joy, learn, grow, share, play, be fearless, laugh and evolve.  I’m trying to fulfill my “life’s purpose”.  I love you… I love everyone… and everything… even the “problems” and “crisis”… because they are just here to help us to learn and grow. Evolve. We are not a body with a spirit… we are a spirit with a body.

My grandmother passed in 2005, and within a month I was “sent” on many of my spiritual quests.  I now “know” things that many years ago seemed ridiculous. There are many layers to the “unseen”.  Albert Einstein said, “What is inconceivable about the universe is that it is at all conceivable.”  I documented the Hopi Indians who gathered water from all around the world and ran 1,800 miles to be part of a long awaited spring equinox ceremony at Teotihuacan. They were welcomed by an intercontinental gathering of tribes where they performed the Eagle Dance in front of the Sun Pyramid for the first time in 500 years.  The Hopi brought the message that “Water is Life” and that the worlds water should not be privatized to the World Water Forum in Mexico City.

6) I made a film with Michael Fitzpatrick called “Compassion Rising” for the Dalai Lama and got to deliver the film to him, meet and be blessed by him. He truly is compassion that is alive…  “My religion is very simple.  My religion is love and kindness.” … like Bob Marley said, “One Love”.

7) In 2007, I traveled to Peru and Bolivia with the Mayan High Priest and help him get a 2000 year old Mayan Staff returned… yes, the Mayans are still alive, there are over 400 Mayan elders that all consider this man their spiritual leader… he is the Mayan timekeeper… if anyone heard about “2012”… what the “white guys” and the media said was always a lie…this man knows the REAL TRUTH… it is a NEW BEGINNING… the “End of the World AS WE KNOW IT”… it isn’t a call for Apocalypse, Armageddon or Global destruction… it IS a call for all of us to open our hearts and our intuition and allow for our “ways of old” to fade and new harmonious ways to emerge.  Hope not Fear, Love not Hate… cooperation and compassion.  ETHICS Must Overcome Ego, Greed, Ignorance, Fears and the “powers of old”!

8) Within the week of returning from Peru, the Tibetan Oracle asked me to travel with him for 3 weeks… as the Nechung Oracle, he is the spiritual protector of the Dalai Lama and has reincarnated… when in trance, he can actually see into the future of the world… the fourteenth medium of the State Oracle. He is an artist and became my friend… a beautiful optimistic man with his heart open.  He taught me that it is truly possible to speak without words. Amazing guy.

9) Towards the end of 2007, I traveled with the Hopi and Mexica Native American Indians on a 1,800 mile RUN from Mexico City to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona.  The Hopi graciously allowed me to shoot video and interview elders on the Rez… including spending time with Hopi Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma and going to “Prophecy Rock” with him.  Their prophecy is that we are at a crossroads… we have a choice between respect for all of nature or for the  existence of humanity to end.  The Hopi say… “There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold onto the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.”… as times are getting tough… we must trust and follow our intuition… “WE ARE THE ONES THAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!”   In late 2008, I got to visit with the Lakota Chief Arvol Lookinghorse and speak of the White Buffalo Prophecy.

10) I’ve always been “self employed”… independent… weirdly “connected”… I’ve helped stop six incidence of suicide over the years, saved another from a flipped car wreck and put out a fire in a burning house. Back in 2012, I ran for president as “Captain US”… I am “GOD” on Facebook, the “public  figure”… I acted as “Zeus” in a film, I think it was a comedy… I am loved by children, animals, and grandparents… I prefer real butter over margarine.

11) I was the worst musician in my entire high school… I hated playing trombone and tuba, I wanted to play drums… I was addicted to pop, rock and dance music… at age 12 I found out that Quincy Jones actually got PAID to record music… at age 13, I became a DJ on the radio, “Lost World Radio”… at age 15, I became a DJ at nightclubs… at 17, I was a Video DJ… I LOVE MUSIC and how it can instantly affect your emotions.
I’ve always been good with Math, Physics, Computers and Architecture so at age 17, I went to University to be a Mechanical Engineer… I hated the stifling way that we were “taught”… all head, no heart… not creative enough for me… so, at age 18, I went to school to be a MUSICAL Recording Engineer… My idol was Quincy Jones…  I wanted to produce music…  I still record music every day.  A few years ago, I recorded a song with India Arie that was nominated for a Grammy, and released 2 albums of my own… I was hired to mix The Sex Pistols and Guns N’ Roses music which was at #1 on Billboard charts in summer of 2014… I’ve worked on both music and video projects with Quincy Jones… I create from my heart, not my head… my secret… don’t think… follow your intuition… feel and “play” the music… I just make it feel good… it is the “feeling” that we remember.

12) I always wanted to be a drummer as a kid… my parents wouldn’t allow it… “too loud”… they wanted me to play trombone… not many trombone players ever are considered “cool”… when I turned 37 years old, I bought my drum kit… and now, I play drums for two different bands… it is never too late to follow your dreams… don’t waste your life… do what you love… no regrets. We play every Saturday from 3-5pm in Santa Monica, beside a rose garden, overlooking the ocean. Amazing.

13) I lived in Nashville from 1983-2000… I worked with hundreds of incredible talented artists that all allowed the music to come through their hearts… art is about playing… playing comes from “not thinking” but connecting to their spirit or soul and allowing inspiration to come through… thank you Nashville… people from Nashville are genuine.
14) I was part of creating a TV show called Sifl-n-Olly… we made it in my house… it was a sock puppet comedy show for MTV… lately, I am creating more of this kind of spontaneous pointless comedy. Check out Sifl-n-Olly or Liam Lynch or Lynchland.

15) Shortly after losing my entire life savings… I moved to LA in 2000, to begin a spiritual journey… I began to “play” more… I ran media for Deepak Chopra… lived in Quiet Riot’s old house… moved to the beach for 7 years where I got to watch the sun set over the ocean every evening… then under the Hollywood sign in Beachwood Canyon…  then I moved to Ventura… now, I’m just one block from where the Wizard of Oz was made.  Beach air, sunshine, creativity, music, magic and organic food… hard to beat.

16) I recently found out that I’m no longer 16… I’m trying to exercise more, yoga, walks, basketball, bike rides, playing drums and rolling around on that funny big ball with some weights.  More and more, I’m feeling like I’m in my late teens.  Time fly’s… “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”

17) I’ve given up on most material things and focused on things that have helped me to foster my creativity.  My first car was a lime green Pinto station wagon with wood side paneling and little tiny white sidewalls, a roof rack and an AM radio… I now drive a “soccer mom mini van”… but it’s the sexiest minivan that I’ve ever driven… and the only one. It’s my 28 mpg Winnebago built for adventure… her name is Lotus.

18) I’ve been “blessed” to be able to meditate and be in “ceremony” with many great elder leaders (Lakota, Hopi, Mayan, Tibetan, Inka, Mexica, Teotihuacan, Aymara, Zuni, Navajo, Huichol, Havasupai, Cherokee)… but beginning in the late 1980s, I got to “party” with some of the other great elder leaders… I have funny personal stories on many celebrities… I witnessed Charlie Daniels play Santa to 30 kids… drove my car 147 mph with Ziggy Marley… had my life threatened by Jerry Lee Lewis… was “drinkin’ buddies” with George Strait… laughed about “autotune with Chris Brown and Usher… danced with Donna Summers… watched Hank Williams Jr. shoot a crossbow inside a recording studio… talked about God with India Arie… had Steve Winwood make me breakfast and tea for 2 months… got Willie Nelson a record deal… raided the fridge with Quincy Jones with Heavy D… was fighting sleep with Echart Tolle… laughed with Deepak Chopra judging himself… talked “tractors” with George Jones… got crunk with Outkast… got stranded on a tiny island with the leader of the Mayans… wrangled wild horses with a Lakota-Sioux Chief… went for fast food with Jack Black and witnessed the Dalai Lama smelling the roses… ask me sometime to tell you one… I have the gift to make a short story last an hour.

19) I’ve got the greatest girlfriend in the world.  After many dysfunctional relationships… and roller coaster rides with “fixer uppers”… I finally asked the “infinite” to help me connect with someone who allows me to be “me”, remains “herself”, is equally as passionate about creativity and learning, and is willing to work though problems and break old patterns without being overly emotional or negative. Thanks Teri.

20) I have a cat named “Cutie Kitty”… it’s my second “Cutie Kitty”. I didn’t just clone her like my friend did.

21) I’ve been using Apple Mac computers since 1980… Apple IIe…wow! I still have the 3d color graphic bowling game that I created in 1980… it is stored on a cassette tape.  I had to buy the parts and build my own joystick in order to play the game.

22) I believe that my thought process is still similar to when I was a kid.  I knew God as a child… it was simple… God is GOOD… God is Kindness… God is Love!

23) I still like weird “ugly” shirts and long scraggly hair… some things never change… maybe, if I stick with it long enough, I’ll come back into style!  Lately my hair is thinning, so I’ve got it cut short.

24) I believe that “Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.”  True success is just happiness, and we can decide to be happy… happiness is a choice and a “practice”… it takes “practice”.

25) My family my biggest gift.  Every member is exceptional!  I LOVE YOU!

26) In 2004, after our government decided that we should go to “WAR”… I couldn’t support “WAR”… so I created my company KNEWWAYS to try to help us avoid going to war. I joined with my two amazing friends who work with Quincy Jones and Bill Graham and we went off the the “swing state” of Ohio to “effect the vote”.  We gathered 19 different bands, produced a music CD called “Conscious Bands for Political Change”, rented the largest theater hall across from the largest university in the US and “effected change”.  I later realized that both political parties were more similar then different and that instead of FIGHTING for what I “don’t want”… our energy is better spent in creating what I “do want”. Mother Theresa said… “Invite me to all of the anti-war rallies you want, and I will never come… but invite me to a PRO-PEACE rally, and I’ll come!”  Focus on the positive.

27) I survived “Y2K!”, “9/11”, “2012” and I’m sure there will be more… for 2012, I joined a group of friends to create an organization called Unify.org… with the intention of connecting the world on special “significant” days in time by using an open sourced platform for gathering. It is a great way for people to become more aware of themselves, connect with like minded others and give the world and each other hugs, love and wisdom.
I am focused on sharing messages of hope and understanding to the world… I’m obsessed with creating great projects and sharing a clear explanation of what changes are happening to humanity and how we are all unifying and collectively raising and shifting our consciousness.

28) I started Film making in the late 80’s, with my first video camera, I started asking people, “If you could change the world, how would you do it?”… now, 25 years later, I am still making a film with that same approach.  “Beginning is Near” is a film about the universal changes in collective consciousness.  We are all here to grow and share and spread our love and joy.

29) I recommend “Love and Kindness” as a religion for all… “Do Unto Others”… the “Golden Rule”.  Seek Joy and Happiness by innocently sharing your gifts with LOVE  and Gratitude but without fears. Love is the only thing that is real.

30) I created an Award Winning Film called “Road to NowHERE” with a fantastic music artist named Jonathan Fleig.  This film will challenge you to look inside of yourself to learn and grow, it is reflective of the universal questions and soul searching we all go through in life and gives an inside look at the creative process of an artist finding himself and shifting from “nowhere” to “NOW-HERE”.    I’m sure that I’ll have 30 more within the hour…