DOT TODMAN Video for Under Pressure Remake

From Dot’s Website: In honor of Freddie Mercury and to celebrate the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody I decided to arrange an acoustic mash-up version of my favorite Queen/Bowie song, “Under Pressure” along with “I want to Break Free.” As a child, I didn’t really understand it’s meaning–I just felt deep emotion when I listened to the song, which made me want to listen to it over and over again. I didn’t really know what I was singing about at all, but now, having the luxury of being able to google the lyrics, I realized I was singing many of them wrong, and also, how important this message still i is today – if not more important! To me, it’s about the struggle we all face to transcend the pressure of a dualistic world obsessed with perfection, and to find the love within, that heals us all. It’s about being true to who we are and not letting the weight of “the world” destroy us. It can be about so many things to so many people. More information about the video

Produced and Mixed by Brian David Hardin
Co-Director/Cinematographer – Brian David Hardin