I have several editing systems using Final Cut Pro and Premiere and shoot high definition video using six Canon HD cameras.  I have 2 pro light kits, a large green or white screen, many tripods,  jib, dolly tracks and a complete audio rig.  I can also do portable multitrack audio along with 6 HD video cameras. I shoot and edit films, documentaries, television shows, shorts, music videos, interviews, news, TV shows, commercials, comedy bits and stock footage.


I have 2 audio systems, I use ProTools, Ableton and Logic Pro with Mac Pro Computers, Yamaha Console, an Analog Tascam16 track multi-rack recorder, 1960’s Vintage Gretsch Drums, Yamaha U1 Piano, Hammond Organ w/ Leslie, Fender, Roland and Traynor Guitar Amps, SK Bass Amp, Gibson, Fender, Guild, etc, Guitars and Bass, Percussion, Roland and Ensoniq Synths, Lexicon, Alesis and Yamaha Reverbs, Kef, Tannoy, Yamaha Monitors, Multiple Headphones and Amps.